Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hello. My name is Kate..

And I’m a bike-a-holic.
There are two images that come to mind when I hear the word “biker”. The first is usually a man with copious amounts of facial hair clad almost entirely in fringed leather. The second (also known as a “cyclist”) is someone flying down the street at 40 miles per hour wearing $200 dollars of matching team spandex bent over the aero-bars of a $4000 + bike. Neither of these images fit, although I am starting to wonder about the facial hair thing. Just kidding - sort of. :)
Before “the bike” I took the car everywhere because there wasn’t another option. I didn’t even think about it – we went out to the garage, got buckled in, and left. Now I find myself thinking first about using Yuba wherever I want to go. I sometimes have to talk myself out of taking the bike because I don’t have enough time, or I have to be in two (sometimes three) places around 9:00 am. That’s difficult in a car but damn near impossible on a bike. Still, biking is never far from my thoughts. If I’m not riding (which I do 4 or 5 days/week) – I’m either thinking about riding, how I could make riding work next week, plotting good routes, or shopping on-line for bike stuff. I currently have an Amazon wish list 15 items long of stuff I “have to have”. I also spend an inordinate amount of time at the bike shop where I rarely leave without buying something – I think it’s the only reason they still tolerate me. :) I’ve even learned how some basic bike maintenance which means I now have a plan B that doesn’t involve calling my husband to pick me up.
I guess all this makes me a biker/cyclist. I’ll have to add a new image to my mental repertoire…
A middle aged, slightly overweight (but getting less so) mother wearing absolutely no spandex or leather, hauling three kids, going upwards of 8 miles an hour and loving every minute.
These photos were taken by the May is Bike Month Folks at their 2012 Kick-off event.


  1. Loving Shcroeder's sunglasses and Peanut holding out his arms in pic 3 as you go upwards of 8 mph.:) I'm thinking of getting me a Yuba.

  2. I'm the same kind of "biker" as you, but riding a bakfiets instead. Definitely going the same 8 MPH (or slower) :)

  3. You are a kindred spirit,my friend. I find myself mirroring lots of what you said (though I am male and have a full beard,no leather of V-Twin engine other than my legs,and I'm not so sure my LBS will be willing to tolerate me should they not have my bike done today,this,the 11th day since I droppped it off...I doubt I'll go back to that one when there are 2 closer to home,LOL! :p ;) ). Good post,m friend!

    The Disabled Cyclist

  4. The frame color is a simple, subtle cream contrasted by the bold orange rims.

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  5. I love view of parent on the bike withe the child - it's so cute.