Sunday, March 4, 2012


I got my bike! I got my bike!

My husband dropped me off a Practical Cycle and I rode my very own YUBA home that day. Those of you who with a keen eye for details will notice that the bike is not blue, but a very vibrant orange. The blue bike was ready and waiting, but the orange bike called to me from the corner saying that it had everything I wanted - bags, padded seats, a handle bar and pegs for the front backseat rider, the hand hold for the back backseat rider, a double kickstand, ect... - being prone to suggestion, that's the bike I took. The orange does go better with the green baby seat AND my boys are thrilled. They were not at all pleased with my selection of the color blue as it was deemed a "girly color". I know, they're kinda crazy that way. Anyway here it is....




Notice the small children hovering around it like a satellites - they couldn't wait for a ride. I spent most of the day Saturday ferrying kids, in various configurations, around the neighborhood trying to get the feel of the bike. Today (Sunday) was a beautiful day and the whole family saddled up for a trip to the park and a picnic. Here's part of my crew...


We had a lovely day and throughly enjoyed the ride. I, however, am absolutely exhausted. It turns out the bike - especially when loaded with kids and food - is quite heavy. From today's ride I did learn a few things - 1. I need to pack diapers and wipes (do you really want to know?), and 2. a first aid kit would be a good addition to the bags as well (here I am just thinking ahead). We still had a very smooth, albeit slow, ride and I am already looking forward to our next outing.

Look for us in the bike lane (we'll be hard to miss)!



  1. Looking good Kate! Good luck hauling all of that extra weight around.:)

  2. No need to make extra weight with a first aid kit. Diapers would make excellent bandages, it's like they were designed to be super absorbent.