Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A week of riding

I'm a little late posting this time. I'm trying to post every Sunday but between day light savings time and the half-marathon (!) I ran on Sunday morning I was pretty exhausted last night.

It's supposed to rain all this week but last week Northern California experienced some phenomenal spring weather – bright, sunny, and in the 70’s. Not bad for March. I spent the entire week on the bike. In fact, I was inventing places to go just so I could ride. I did two runs to the gym. I dropped off and picked my son up from pre-school. On Friday afternoon, I loaded up all the kids and took a trip to Old Sacramento, my three youngest rode with me while my nine year old tagged along behind on his own bike.

We parked the bikes at Practical Cycle and picked up some accessories – a cute new helmet for me, a pillow for the front child seat, and a new bike lock. I DO NOT want this bike stolen. I have taken to triple locking it - one for the bike seat, one around the bike rack, and (just for good measure) one between the front wheel and the frame. I have no doubt that if someone REALLY wants it they’ll take it but at least I’m going to make them work for it. I take some comfort in the fact that it is too big to pick up and throw in your average vehicle.

We went got ice cream (two for Linus since he dropped his) and then moseyed along window shopping. It was way beyond nap time when we headed back. I am very fortunate that three year-old Schroeder decided to stay on the bike. He and Linus were fighting – yes, fighting ON THE BIKE – almost the entire way home. In fact all the kids behind me were fighting. Charlie and Linus were arguing between bikes while Schroeder was grabbing a Linus’ hands and seat. Lovely. Yet we stayed upright. Peanut fell asleep almost immediately and slept all the way home. Charlie was such a trooper! It was an almost nine mile ride round trip and he didn’t even complain about being “saddle sore” until we got home.

I was so busy loading the bags with everything I thought I'd need that I forgot the camera. Oh well, next time I promise there will be lots of pictures.

Look for us in the bike lane!


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